Steep Exploration and Documentation

Steep Exploration and Documentation

We are a group dedicated to the enjoyment of Ubisoft Annecy's STEEP by documenting cool rides throughout the game's worlds.

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    Member Ranks

    Post by LostLizardGaming on Mon Aug 28, 2017 5:42 pm

    Every time you create a post, you progress to a new rank.

    Ranks are based on how many posts you have posted.

    Here are the ranks:

    1 Post: Whuffo

    3 Posts: Novice Scout

    10 Posts: Adventurer

    20 Posts: Explorer

    30 Posts: Amateur Mountaineer

    50 Posts: Grand Mountaineer

    70 Posts: Legendary Mountaineer

    90 Posts: Apprentice Cartographer

    150 Posts: Master Cartographer

    200 Posts: Legendary Cartographer

    Please note that these ranks have no affect on privileges, however they may have an effect one weather you get a promotion to the leadership staff or not.

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