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Steep Exploration and Documentation

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    [Alps] Avouil Valley

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    [Alps] Avouil Valley

    Post by LostLizardGaming on Mon Aug 28, 2017 3:27 pm

    Start: Cime Bianche Drop Zone (6,071 N - 7,121 E) Elevation: 9,593 ft
    End: At the end of a narrow ravine near the town of Avouil (7,082 N - 5,691E) Elevation: 7,133ft
    Distance: 6,464 ft
    Elevation Change: -2,563 ft
    Grade (Min/Average/Max): 15/25/65
    ETA: 2 - 5 minutes


    This trail can be whatever you want it to be as it has a bit of everything. If you stay to the left there is this pretty nice crest line you can rack up free-ride points on. The initial drop in if you stay right and go into the valley is really fun for freestyle as there are a few drop offs and some kickers. Once you get into the mellower section you can either sit back and enjoy the view or find some of the great opportunities to rack up free-ride and/or freestyle points if you wish. Once you pass through the town of Avouil watch your speed as you need to navigate through a very narrow ravine with rocks on either side of you. Overall, this trail is great for beginners to learn how to get free-ride points by riding the ridge and it is great for teaching you how to get creative with tricks even when the grade isn't so steep.

    -Freeride the ridge on the left



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