Steep Exploration and Documentation

Steep Exploration and Documentation

We are a group dedicated to the enjoyment of Ubisoft Annecy's STEEP by documenting cool rides throughout the game's worlds.

    (Alps) Through the heart

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    (Alps) Through the heart

    Post by Stellar Clone on Wed Sep 13, 2017 11:04 am

    Through the heart

    Location Aoste - Matterhorn
    Near La Fieuse
    Start: 4761 N - 5579 E (17,263 ft)
    End: 4511 N - 6118 E (12,222 ft)
    Distance: not sure ft
    Elevation Change: -5,041 ft
    ETA: more than 1 minute
    Other sports: Rocket Wingsuit


    This line was born from scouting for lines in the middle of lots of game challenges. Often you can find great lines in the middle of a region you though you knew. I think this flight path gives you more from the area that is already loaded with challenges.



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