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Steep Exploration and Documentation

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    (Alps) "Bird of prey"

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    (Alps) "Bird of prey"

    Post by Stellar Clone on Wed Sep 06, 2017 10:35 pm


    Location Aiguilles
    Near Aiguielles Verte
    Start: 1585 N - 5181 W (14,942 ft)
    End: 1566 N - 5922 W (11,867 ft)
    Distance: not sure ft
    Elevation Change: -3,075 ft
    ETA: over 1 minute (I think)
    Other sports: Rocket Wingsuit


    I like to think of this line as if I were a falcon perched on a rocky peak along the mountain. I notice a rabbit out looking for food and I take off for the kill. However, the rabbit notices me and starts running for its life. Twisting and turning its way through the cliffs and snowy narrow passes. I eventually catch the rabbit at the end as it attempts to cross over the path right before the last rock that sticks up at the finish line. Think you can beat my score? I doubt it.

    This is the whole route on the mountain. It ends right at the bottom of the image.

    Video of the route and my score on it.

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