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Steep Exploration and Documentation

We are a group dedicated to the enjoyment of Ubisoft Annecy's STEEP by documenting cool rides throughout the game's worlds.

    [Alps] [Tyrol] Rat Race

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    [Alps] [Tyrol] Rat Race

    Post by LostLizardGaming on Mon Sep 04, 2017 9:49 pm

    Start: 637 S - 3,421 E (11,956 ft) Very close to Furglerseehaus Exit Point
    Finish: 2,229 S - 3,628 W (7,934 ft)
    Distance: 7,647 ft
    Elevation Change: -4,020ft
    Speed Rating: 6/10
    Fun Factor: 6.5/10
    Features: Rock Jumps, mini crest line, hip jump

    Description: This fun little ride will take you through a portion of the ever beautiful Tyrol region. There are tons of rock jumps for you to trick off of and even a mini crest line to get those elusive freeride points. Also, there are some jumps that will give you amazingly different results depending on which angle you hit, some are even able to be chained together in an amazing freestyle sequence.




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