Steep Exploration and Documentation

Steep Exploration and Documentation

We are a group dedicated to the enjoyment of Ubisoft Annecy's STEEP by documenting cool rides throughout the game's worlds.

    Procededures for Sharing New Routes

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    Procededures for Sharing New Routes

    Post by LostLizardGaming on Sun Aug 27, 2017 11:28 pm

    Sharing our routes is the lifeblood of SEDA. It's why it was created. To give people a way to really share the game and create a strong dynamic community.
    These are the procedures and regulations of sharing a new route.

    STRONGLY RECOMMENDED: For a more in depth tutorial for sharing a new route, please visit this link:

    Your new route must include:
    -A unique name

    -Starting Coordinates (Include the E/W and the N/S too!) This can also be just a drop zone. It also helps to use a nearby location as a reference.

    -Ending Coordinates (Include the E/W and the N/S too!)

    -A screenshot of the route in map view so people know where to go (you can see this by pressing the button that corresponds with the 'Display trails' option in the map view) OR coordinates for waypoints that can show the route. There should be enough to the point where a user can accurately ride the route. If the route is for an air sport it is HIGHLY recommended that you use a screenshot. If the route is under 1,000 feet and not very complex, you do not need to include this.

    -Information about what world the route is in (In title)

    -Information if the route is also available for other sports as well (Like if a ski/snowboard route is also able to be ridden with the sled)

    -A description detailing what the ride is like. Must be at least one sentence (How steep is it? How fast do you go? How many spots are there for tricks? What's the scenery like?)


    -Estimated time for completion

    For more information, please go to the 'How to Share a new Route' article for a step by step guide.

    It is recommended that you include this information as well:

    -Screenshots of the ride from the replay (Preferably without the HUD)

    -Starting and ending elevation

    -Elevation change

    -Grade (Max/Min/Average(doesn't have to be exact))

    -Points of Interest

    Rules for posting new route:
    1. If a route is placed in the incorrect category it will be removed and the poster will be notified.
    2. If a route is lacking in information the poster will be notified of what it is lacking and if the changes are not made within 1 week then the post will be removed.

    If these rules are violated you will not be subject to the standard punishments and penalties as described in the global rules post. If there is a pattern of violation of these rules then you will be subject to the standard punishments and penalties at the discretion of the leadership staff.

    Here is an example you can use as a template:


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