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Steep Exploration and Documentation

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    [Alps] Cave of Heaven

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    [Alps] Cave of Heaven

    Post by LostLizardGaming on Mon Aug 28, 2017 11:42 pm

    Start: 6,677 N - 60 W (16,093 ft) On the rock face near the Aiguille Blanche De Peuterey drop zone.
    End: 6,859 N - 233 W (13,357 ft) In the ice field near the Aiguille Blanche De Peuterey drop zone.
    Distance: 3,070 ft
    Elevation Change: -2,670 ft
    ETA: 30 seconds
    Other sports: Rocket Wingsuit


    This short Wingsuit line is a lot of fun and a nice challenge (all though it really isn't that difficult). When you start out take the first chance you get to get inside the cave and then go left and exit out the other end. There are lots of different paths to take inside the cave so take some time to experiment. The line that is shown in the video is in my opinion the most fun and what you should try first! If you have trouble finding the entrance take a look at the video.



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